Best Facial Oil for All Skin Types

It’s literally named h o l i ( o i l ) and for good reason. A beautifully made cocktail of natural, non-gmo ingredients that are either organic or wild crafted absorb to brighten and hydrate. This oil minimizes the appearance of redness, unevenness, wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and dark spots. Replenishes the appearance of collagen and helps fight the effects of free radicals while smoothing the look of the skin. This hydrating, non-greasy, anti-aging face oil truly does it all.

A healthy, youthful complexion.
AGENT NATEUR’S h o l i ( o i l ).

Best Facial Oil for Dry Skin

A 100% active, moisturizing Beauty oil formulated with holistic principles in mind. Certified, bioidentical CoQ10, Vitamin C ester, a plethora of botanical extracts, and the essential oil of 1,000 organic Bulgarian roses combine to diminish the appearance of sun damage old and new and to give skin's outermost layer some serious TLC, delivering dewy, glowing, soft skin.

Specifically formulated to nourish dry skin.
KYPRIS Beauty Elixir I: 1,000 Roses

Best Facial Oil for Combination Skin

True flower Power to create balance for combination skin or blemish prone skin. A 100% active formula replete with free radical-quenching CoQ10, collagen-inspiring Vitamin C ester, and a rainbow of phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, and natural actives from select plant sources to continually calm, soothe, and inspire radiant, supple skin.

Balancing moisture for combination complexions.
KYPRIS Beauty Elixir II: Healing Bouquet

Best Facial Oil for Sensitive Skin

Beauty Elixir III: Prismatic Array is a multi-active, moisturizing facial oil for scent-sensitive complexions. Certified, bio-identical CoQ10, Vitamin C ester, and a rainbow of phytonutrients and essential fatty acids without essential oils. Creates a strong, healthy barrier minimizing the chance of irritation and inflammation.

Gentle hydration for the ultra-sensitive.
KYPRIS Beauty Elixir III: Prismatic Array

Best Facial Oil for Oily Skin

Wonderfully balanced, non-comedogenic, packed with supercharged botanicals for healthy, radiant skin. Comprised of 100% cold pressed and unrefined oils, each carefully selected for their regenerative and therapeutic benefits. But this one ingredient stands out for oily complexions, Golden Jojoba Seed Oil is lightweight, fast absorbing and mimics skin's natural texture (sebum), which in turn skin produces less sebum. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, perfect for treating congested skin and creating balance.

Hydration that won’t weigh you down.
Oxalis Apothecary Daily Glow

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