PURPOSE: A combination of hair nourishing oils and essential oils that help make facial hair less wiry and coarse and also helps keep the skin underneath moisturized and less itchy.

Perfect for full beards or those in still stubble stages. This natural house-made beard elixir conditions beards and adds a fresh uplifting woodsy scent [original] and make the perfect gift.

Sunflower oil absorbs quickly and camellia seed oil and avocado oils add rich oxidants and nutrients to the hair and skin. 

HOW TO USE: Add several drops to the palm of your hand and massage the oils into your beard after a shower or at night.

INGREDIENTS: Camellia seed oil*, avocado oil*, and sunflower oil*, vitamin e oil (non-gmo), essential oils of lime*, cedarwood*, rosemary*,  lavender*, vetiver*, and good energy.

1 oz black glass bottle with dropper

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